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10 Tricks for Windows 10 Users

Thu, 08/18/2016 - 16:47 -- Rachel Cunningham

We are about to help make your Windows 10 experience so much more exciting with a few tips and tricks that you might not know just yet. These tricks may help you unlock a whole new world of functions that can help you mold your features into exactly what you need. Disclaimer: some of these tricks require that you have updated to the new anniversary edition (which we can help you with). Have you found any awesome tricks that we don't have here? Tell us! We're dying to know!

Trick 1: Save while shopping on Edge
Use the new Edge browser and Cortana will pop up and ask you if you would like to use a coupon or offer code online automatically! It's like free money!

Trick 2: Most requested update - Dark Themes
Settings> Personalization > Colors and boom your desktop no longer has to be white or grey

Trick 3: Integrated Calendar
The anniversary update allows the desktop taskbar calendar to now include all your appointments and events from the Windows 10 calendar app.  So when you click the date/time in the bottom right hand corner the calendar reflects your daily schedule. 

Trick 4: Hey Cortana! 
Change your settings to enable Cortana to respond anytime you say "Hey Cortana." As long as you have an active microphone on your computer you can allow her to listen for your command.

Trick 5: Cortana knows her language
You can now bark just about any command at Cortana and she will understand! Such as, "pull up photos from January" or "show me the weather." 

Trick 6: Cortana what cant you do?
Now Cortana can integrate your windows phone to your windows 10 computer to create a synergistic relationship between the two. If your phone battery is low, she can now send an alert to your computer. Just like you can look up map directions on your computer and push them to your phone. Wow. 

Trick 7: Customize your start menu
If you appreciate the look of the live tiles you can now resize them with a right click, or you can make them disappear by right clicking and uninstalling each of them. Repopulate each tile with the program of your choice. 

Trick 8: New command features
Windows 10 introduces new command features and the ability to copy and past inside the command prompt. To activate, simply open the command prompt, right click the title bar, and select properties. You can change your features by selecting the Options tab and then choosing Edit Options. 

Trick 9: Find My Device
Windows has finally developed the Find My Device feature now to find your phone when it's lost. Start > Update & Security > Find My Device > Change, then enable the "Save my device's location periodically" and from there you can log in to your Microsoft account to see the last known location of your Windows 10 gizmo. 

Trick 10: Record a video while in an app
Windows 10 created a new game DVR function so that you can record your most epic gaming moments but it also allows you to create videos of any open app or desktop software. Simply press Windows Key + G and a prompt will ask you if you want to open the game bar. Click "Yes, this is a game box" and then click the red record button to capture a video. The video will save to the folder Video > Captures! 

These tricks are only scratching the surface of all the new capabilities offered in Windows 10. If you think it's time to upgrade then you're absolutely correct. Give us a call, we would love to help you upgrade and have access to all these awesome features! 


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