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The Benefits Of Getting A Network Assessment

Wed, 12/09/2015 - 09:23 -- Kayla Smith

When you own a business, you almost have to be an expert on everything, especially when it comes to your technology and IT solutions. It’s vital that you know the current state of your network and technology infrastructure. Luckily, there’s an easy, headache-free way to assess your network, see what’s running well, and see what needs to be updated. It’s called a Network Assessment and it can be completed by the professional technicians at catmandu at no cost to you.

What happens during a network assessment?

Once we arrive at your business, we will get straight to work checking out your network from every angle. We will look at your server and workstations and assess factors like security, reliability, availability of resources, accessibility, and performance. We will find out if your network is running in the most efficient way. We will look at your employees’ needs and make sure that the hardware they are using works best with the software they are using. We will check how secure your network is and if there are any holes. We will also let you know what needs to be updated - whether that is software or hardware. We will find out if you are spending too much on certain areas of your technology and if you could scale back.

We also have a lot of experience in HIPAA compliance laws because we manage the networks of many doctors, dentists, optometrists and others who are required to follow HIPAA regulations. We can show you where your technology practices fall short of the laws so you can avoid hefty fines. At the end of the network assessment, we will give you a detailed plan to get you on the track towards a perfect-for-you network.

What are the benefits of a network assessment?

It allows you to make informed decisions. If you don’t know what’s really going on, you can’t make the right decisions when it comes to implementing new technology or you might end up spending a lot of money when there is no need. If you have added new devices to the network before a network assessment, you will be able to see if they are compatible.

It shows you if there are security issues. If a network has been unmanaged for quite some time, there will definitely be security problems whether they come in the form of malware, viruses, or a more sinister threat like cyber criminals. These things happen and they are costing businesses billions of dollars each year in lost productivity, lawsuits, and data loss. Some people even lose their business altogether after a data breach. Security issues are usually the result of a network that hasn’t been maintained with proper threat scans and antivirus software. An assessment will show you if you currently have any holes in the security of your network.

It reveals other critical issues. This includes necessary software updates that need to be performed and instances when hardware needs to be updated. For example, many businesses are still running Windows Server 2003, which is no longer supported by Microsoft. Running this operating system makes you non-compliant with HIPAA and it opens you up to cyber criminals, malware, and everything nasty that the internet has to offer.

It allows for scalability. Once you take care of what you have, you will be able to easily add workstations and other devices to the network. This is useful when you get new employees and as your business grows.

It provides a plan for data backup and data recovery. One of the biggest pain points that we see when we perform network assessments is in this area. Many companies have no plan at all for backing up critical data, though they know it is important. If they lose it, they lose it. After your network assessment, we can explain the different data backup solutions that will allow you to keep your important information safe from accidental deletion, theft, fire, flood, malware, ransomware, and cyber criminals. There are ways to backup data that are automatic and painless.

It shows you if your current setup is right for your business. Maybe you just moved into a new building and were left with an old company’s network. For example, we just revamped the network of the Wyndham Hotel in Amarillo, Texas. Previously, their network was a mess and was completely wrong for their needs. Now, their problems have been eradicated and they have a network that is doing what they need it to do.

You have the potential to save money. A network assessment can show you if you are living in excess when it comes to your technology. You might have 30 workstations in the building when you only need 20 or your might be using multiple servers when you just need one. You will be able to get rid of the excess or use the devices for another use, saving you money and resources. We also look a RAM, software licenses, and other hardware used by each workstation, which could reveal that you are paying too much when you don’t need to. equips businesses with technology solutions – from servers & networks to web development & digital marketing - but what we really do is allow people to do their jobs headache free.

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