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Business of the Month: Adam's Air

Tue, 11/15/2016 - 19:05 -- Rachel Cunningham

Adam’s Air is a leading-edge home air quality and comfort company established in Amarillo. They provide precise Heating and Air Conditioning repairs, installation and indoor air quality products with a commitment to honesty, safety and integrity.

Owner and Founder Adam Beal has been involved in HVAC installation, repair & service for air conditioning and heating systems for over 24 years. He started out helping his dad work for a heating & air company but he was always thinking of bigger & better things. He became a manager at the last company he worked for and when he realized that the company cared more about making money off a customer than actually helping them with their needs he decided that wasn’t right. The straw that broke the camels back was when he was working for an elderly widow and the company pushed Adam to sell her a 20 thousand dollar replacement system for her house that she wouldn’t even live to pay off. His conscience got the best of him and he decided to start his own company.

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Now he has been in business a little over 3 years with 2 trained technicians and 3 installers and he would rather diagnose a problem and then fix what's wrong instead of just trying to sell you a new system to increase his profit. They strive to save their customers money every interaction. “We’re not a sales company, we are a service company.” That philosophy has most recently won Adam’s Air and award for one of the Top Emerging Businesses for 2016 by The Amarillo Chamber of Commerce.

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Adam’s Air is very involved in their community also. From giving to volunteering, you can find Adam & George & the guys out at charity events and fund raisers giving back in any way that they can. A few local charities that they have been involved with recently is the Wesley Community Center, High Plains Food Bank, and at this year’s Polk Street Cruise the guys teamed up with Rock 108 and handed out free ice cream & popsicles on one of those 100+ degree days this summer. Thats dedication to your community.

adams & rock 108

George Dheal, an employee at Adam’s Air recently told us that their customers feel so comfortable with the staff at Adam’s Air that they often even sit down and pray with them. Theres nothing better than having a nice, friendly, trustworthy technician working on your home and that is absolutely the theme with all the employees here. 

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Adam's Air is currently offering Winterization of your heaters or furnaces, and the first visit is completely free. They will go through all the many steps in making sure your heater is ready to warm your home and most importantly, your family. Adam’s Air Winterization™ means that your heating system will run better and last longer. Preventive maintenance is the key to protecting the investment of your HVAC system.

Adam’s Air is your heating expert when the weather is rough and you need quick help. cat-man-du would like to recommend this business to all our clients who are in need of a tune up or a complete heating and air replacement because we know they will save you money and become a friend before the job is even finished. Call Adam's Air today if you need a free estimate on your heater repair - 806-316-1103. 


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