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catmandu Welcomes Carlos Martinez-Arraras to the Team!

Mon, 02/22/2016 - 08:57 -- Kayla Smith

catmandu has a new technician at our Amarillo office! We would like to welcome Carlos Martinez-Arraras to the team. He began working as a tech a few weeks ago and he is already fitting in well. He will be serving as an in-house technician where he will work on home users’ systems.

Before working at catmandu, Carlos attended Boston University where he graduated with a degree in business administration with a focus on entrepreneurship. Carlos has a passion for music, so his original plan was to open a record label. However, over the years, he began to become interested in technology, software, and web development. After 3 years of working in sales for the oil and gas industry, he made his break into the tech world by applying at catmandu.

Carlos is not an Amarillo-native. He was born in New York and his family moved around a lot when he was young. Carlos and his family are all Spanish so they visit their home country once a year, where they enjoy dual-citizenship. His father, a cardiologist, was looking for a place to begin his practice and he decided on Amarillo when Carlos was 6 years old.

So far, Carlos is enjoying his time at catmandu. He likes his coworkers and he likes “working with his hands and tearing things apart and then fixing them.” The best part of his job is when he finishes successfully repairing a machine, presents it to the customer, and makes their day.

Carlos loves the culture of catmandu’s workplace. He described the culture of past jobs as “poison” and he saw how catmandu strongly contrasted with that. He loves that catmandu is “about being part of a team and doing things right the first time. It’s customer-oriented and about making sure people walk out happy,” he said.

Carlos is excited about a long future at catmandu where he will learn and grow. His goal is to learn from Jeremy, our head bench technician, and to one day have the same amount of knowledge and experience. Carlos stated, “There’s so much I need to learn and so much of it is right down the alley of what I’m interested in career-wise.”

Carlos spends most of his free time playing music with his band, Comanche Moon, a “Texacana” band based out of Amarillo. He also enjoys traveling, playing video games, playing with his dog, and he is currently teaching himself how to code.

We’re glad to have you at catmandu, Carlos!

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