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The Hits Keep Coming For Sony

Mon, 12/08/2014 - 13:11 -- Kayla Smith

The situation worsens for Sony Pictures, who has been hacked several times in the past two weeks. The salary information, social security numbers, and home addresses of 47,000 employees, including celebrities, has been leaked to the internet by a group of hackers called the Guardians of Peace (GOP), according to CNET.


Emails were sent to Sony employees claiming that any employee who does not assist the GOP in their ploy will put their family in danger, according to USA Today, however, the GOP claims no involvment with this threat. (Computer World)


CNET also reported that several unreleased movies were stolen, including “Fury,” “Annie”, and “Mr. Turner.” The U.S. government believes the attack was perpetrated by North Korea as a retaliation for the upcoming movie, “The Interview,” in which two American journalists (played by Seth Rogen and James Franco) work to assassinate Kim Jong-Un. North Korea has denied any involvement. However, the GOP recently stated they made the attacks to prevent Sony from releasing the movie.


Researchers from the security firm Norse found evidence that the attack was the work of six individuals, including one angry former Sony employee, according to Security Ledger. This theory answers the question of how the group was able to know login credentials and IP addresses of critical servers. It also explains how the hackers had an understanding of Hollywood culture, which North Korean hackers probably wouldn't have.


There are several other theories being reported in the media, all with conflicting motivations behind the attack.


In the wake of the attacks, the FBI issued a warning to all U.S. businesses to alert them of these cyber threats. The report stated that the malware used could wipe data on all computers in a network, making it difficult if not impossible to recover data, according to Reuters.


Businesses need to consistently update and monitor their network security to protect themselves against an attack.




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