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Introduction to Risk Intelligence

Sat, 12/10/2016 - 14:39 -- Rachel Cunningham

Risk Intelligence is a concept that is slightly beyond Risk Management and is defined as, “next generation security solution that provides relevant,
actionable and timely intelligence to help organizations understand the various internal and external risks that can lead to a data breach. Based on the identified risks the platform calculates a quantifiable liability amount in dollars that helps the organization prioritize remediation efforts as well as security spend to reduce the likelihood of a breach.”

So basically, Risk intelligence (RQ) is the ability of an organization to gather information that will successfully identify uncertainties in the workplace. The goal is to help a business make better and more informed decisions that could  lead to a competitive advantage in a marketplace. It can also help bridge the information gap between all levels of employees so that situational awareness is at its highest potential and relevant information can be obtained in any risk situation.

Financial executive and Columbia University professor Leo Tilman defined risk intelligence in his 2012 book, Risk Intelligence: A Bedrock of Dynamism and Lasting Value Creation. According to Tilman, risk intelligence is "the organizational ability to think holistically about risk and uncertainty, speak a common risk language and effectively use forward-looking risk concepts and tools in making better decisions, alleviating threats, capitalizing on opportunities and creating lasting value."

Risk Intelligence helps your company understand the likelihood of a hack or information breach, where your sensitive data exists and which employees
have access to it at all times, how vulnerable your data is, what a data breach might cost your company, and of course, measures to make sure all the previous aspects are secure moving forward.

A few core functions of Risk Intelligence are:
+ Vulnerability Management - identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities.
+ Data Discovery / Data Loss Prevention - Discovering & protecting sensitive data and making sure it does not get into the wrong hands.
+ File Auditing - File Auditing solutions
typically determine which users and groups have rights to files and
folders in the organization.

Risk Intelligence offered through is the only solution on the market that can quickly, accurately and cost effectively provide intelligence about the existence of unprotected sensitive data at rest, who has access to the data, the vulnerabilities that can be used to exploit the system and what it will cost if a breach occurred today. Set up a meeting with us today to get more information on what Risk Intelligence can do for your business. 


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