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No More Ransom!

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 15:46 -- Rachel Cunningham

We have talked a lot about ransomeware in the last year here on the blog, and its for a reason. Ransomeware is quickly becoming the largest malware threat in the world. The number of attacks has increased by over 500% in less than a year.

A quick refresher if you haven’t read past ransomware news; this type of malware locks and encrypts your personal files and information on your computer and then literally holds it ‘ransom.’ If you pay to get your data back your facing a loss and if you don’t get your data back your really in a bad position especially as a business owner. Another scary statistic- 80% of the ransomware attacks are on small businesses like you and me, not the million dollar corporations.

Lucky for the little guys, last week, Kaspersky Lab and Intel Security, in collaboration with Europol's EC3 and Netherland's national police launched an initiative called No More Ransom. The website is now offering information about how to prevent ransomware, as well as 6 different free decryption tools that may get your files back without having to pay the ransom.

These tools are not guaranteed to prevent or unlock ALL forms of ransomware, but they are covering about 7 different strands. The site also has a section called the ‘crypto sheriff’ where you can file a report with the ransom note you received when your computer was infected, which they then review and inform you if there are solutions available.

The site is full of question & answers regarding malware and they also offer prevention advice to make sure you don’t fall victim of ransomware again. 

We highly suggest taking a look around the site, and letting us know if you need help creating a prevention method or need an antivirus installed. 


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