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"Private Video:" Beware Of Latest Facebook Video Scam

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 10:55 -- Kayla Smith

Here’s another reason to be careful of what you click online. There’s a new Facebook scam circulating around the world’s largest social network and thousands of people have fallen for it, according to We Live Security.

In this latest scam, malicious links appear in a post that you are tagged in on your timeline or a friend sends you the link in a message. The link will appear as if it goes to a video entitled “My first video”, “My video”, or “Private video”, enticing victims into clicking on the link so they can view the video. Once the victim clicks the link they will be sent to a fake YouTube website that will appear like an unsuccessful attempt to load the video. After that, the website will give visitors the following message: Sorry, if you don’t install Video Play plugin, you will not be able to watch the video! Click ‘Add Extension’ to watch the video

If the victim decides to install the extension, the malware will be spread further into their friends list. The first victim’s Facebook wall will be filled with more video links and a similar message will be sent to their friends. The scam is spreading fast. Currently, the malicious link only affects Google Chrome users but it is expected to spread to other browsers.

In addition to spreading itself via the video, the malware can also add friends, create Facebook pages, share and edit posts, and unfollow users. Just last week 10,000 users fell for the virus all over the world.

Luckily the scam can easily be removed. Should you become infected, you need to remove the fake “Make a GIF” extension from your Chrome browser. Search for chrome://extensions in the search bar or go to Settings and then Extensions. Click the trash can to delete the fake extension.

After you remove the extension you should scan your entire system with a good antivirus software. If you find viruses, bring your system to us. 


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