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Support For Windows Server 2003 Has Ended

Tue, 07/14/2015 - 12:45 -- Kayla Smith
Photo by Wikieditor243. Creative Commons
Finished. Over. Done. Left high and dry. 
As of July 14, 2015, Microsoft no longer supports Windows Server 2003. We’ve been harping on this for months now but it’s worth reiterating once again. The end of life for Server 2003 means that organizations and businesses that are still running the outdated software will leave their network completely open, vulnerable, and available to malware, viruses, cybercriminals, and more to get in, mess things up, and steal data. It sounds harsh but it’s reality. 
Many organizations have upgraded and we applaud you for that. You have made a commitment to protect not only your own business, but also your customers’ information. You have made an important investment that will save you money and prevent troubles down the road. 
For those that haven’t upgraded and don’t plan on doing so, you will be liable if your customers’ data is breached and stolen. And if you are a business that is required to be HIPAA compliant, you are now no longer compliant and you could be prosecuted based on HIPAA’s own rules and regulations
If you accept any form of card payments at your business, you are required to be PCI compliant. A failure to upgrade to a modern server operating system makes you noncompliant with PCI which comes with its own set of fines
We understand that investing in a new server is extremely costly. However, the initial investment will cost much less than the months and years ahead of you that will be filled with paying for IT support. A break-fix plan when it comes to your server is no plan at all. Other implications that could result from not upgrading are hardware failure, software compatibility issues, and high operating costs
At catmandu, we believe in protecting our customers and in turn, protecting their customers. This is why we have decided that we will no longer provide support for businesses running Server 2003. We do not wish to be liable when (not if) something bad happens as a result of the unsupported technology. We, of course, feel that technology is a major driving force behind a business’s success and we like to work with other businesses that feel the same way. 
We would be more than happy to assist you if you wish to migrate to a supported server operating system. Give us a call at 806.350.8324 or use the contact form to the right. 

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