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Fri, 12/30/2016 - 13:20 -- Rachel Cunningham

Why do we do what we do?

Everyone at cat-man-du loves technology and helping others, so you could say what we do is definitely a labor of love. Our founder Ray Wilson started this company in his garage helping repair computers for friends and family and it has since grown into what it is today. Think about how much technology has changed in 13 years? If we didn’t love what we did then we would be silly for keeping up all this time.

Why should people trust us with their computer repairs?

One of the reasons people should trust cat-man-du with both their home computers and their business systems is the fact that we are one of the most awarded companies in the Texas Panhandle and we live up to those awards. We were recognized by the Better Business Bureau as a recipient of the torch award for Marketplace Ethics as well as awarded by the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce as one of the top businesses in town. We are specifically trained to give upfront pricing and turnaround time and we will proactively communicate through the entire process. 

Why do you need network security?

If someone can gain enough information and holds the necessary computing skills, they can compromise a company’s network security quite easily. Because network security is moderated by humans, it is also often susceptible to human mistakes. Anything from misconfigured equipment or services to unsecured usernames and passwords can pose a real threat to network security. Using new technologies like Risk Intelligence our team will gather information that will successfully identify uncertainties in the workplace and secure your network properly.

Why should businesses trust us with their IT services?

Our technicians are held to the highest standard for ethics and they are required to stay up to date with all certifications at all times. They are constantly learning how to better assist your business and as the technologies change, our computer gurus knowledge grows. Our company is 13 & 1/2 years old and many of our technicians had technical experience prior to us even opening our doors.

Why is our IT service beneficial?

Our services are beneficial because of time and money. You don’t have enough time to worry about phishing, ransomeware, DDoS, or any other form of cybersecurity attacks that are out there because you are busy trying to make money. Cyber criminals are after that money too, so having a secure network for your business cannot be ignored. Leave the IT to us, you can get back to focusing on growing your business.

Why wouldn’t you trust our team?

No really, let us know if you have reasons or hesitations and we would be happy to inform you and ease your mind.


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