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Wyndham Hotel Network Revamp In Amarillo, Texas

Mon, 11/16/2015 - 11:58 -- Kayla Smith

One of the most satisfying things we get to experience here at is when we are able to make a company’s network turn a complete 360 degrees. We love being able to take an unproductive, glitchy, and failing network and turn it into something that will allow that business to once again do their work efficiently. It is our job to give others the opportunity to do their jobs without hassle.

And that’s just what we did at the Wyndham Hotel in Amarillo, Texas.

Before’s technicians arrived on the scene, the Wyndham Hotel was having a lot of problems. The corporation had recently bought the building from another hotel business and with that, inherited the outdated technology. The employees were unable to do simple daily tasks and conduct business because they were constantly losing their connection to the internet and to the server. This was happening several times a day.

Aaron Tague, the lead technician on the project said that it was one of the worst situations he had ever seen. “No one knew anything about the network. It had been unmanaged for a really long time.”

Also, the hotel guest wireless partially worked and none of the computers were networked together. One of the biggest issues they faced was the current server closet. The room had no ventilation or air conditioning and thus was heated to over 100 degrees which can cause equipment to malfunction and become damaged.

So got to work right away. Our technicians started by using existing wiring along with new wiring to create a more efficient network that included both private and guest wireless. We replaced the entire network infrastructure, installed a brand new server for the private network (in a new, cool room with adequate ventilation), and configured workstations to use the private network.

We used a Lenovo server, pfSense firewall, and smart switches. We used all new wireless equipment with EnGenius access points all over the building.

We were able to do it without any significant downtime for Wyndham Hotel.

And how are things working now? Wyndham Hotel’s network and wifi are now working perfectly. They have been able to do their work and assist their guests with no more disruptions.

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