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Yahoo Scandal #2

Tue, 10/04/2016 - 15:41 -- Rachel Cunningham

Last week we found out that Yahoo had a data breach of over 1 billion of it’s email accounts to hackers that the company only released news of after Verizon planned on buying the company. This week, reports have been released that Yahoo might have provided your personal information to the NSA or FBI without your permission.

Yahoo allegedly built a software scanning program with the purpose of searching all users emails for specific information and code words that the US intelligence officials requested. The program was built just last year after the company complied with a secret court order to scan incoming emails, stored emails and a small number of smaller accounts for a specific set of characters that have not yet been released.

Reports show that this is the first time an american internet company has complied in such an extensive demand by a spy agency. However, the US intelligence agency approached Yahoo with a court order in the form of a “classified directive.”

Weeks after the company decided to comply, Yahoo’s chief information security officer Alex Stamos actually resigned and he is now working for Facebook.  The company stated that it was a “law-abiding company, and complies with the laws of the United States.” 

As tech companies become better at encrypting data, they are likely to face more such requests from spy agencies. What is your opinion of this matter?  Do you think Yahoo was the only email provider that was served a request like this?  Or were they the only company who decided to comply?  


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