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World-class Think-branded quality resonates in our ThinkServer portfolio — outstanding thermal efficiency, remarkably quiet acoustics, and enterprise-tough designs. With vibration-resistant, shock-proof drive carriers and robust chassis choices, ThinkServer systems are designed for demanding and cost-efficient use.


Server Reviews:
  • "Lenovo has built a robust, powerful server that is perfectly suited for SMBs (Small & Medium Businesses)." ~ BizTechMagazine
  • "The Lenovo ThinkServer... represents a calculated entry into the server market: an affordable server with specifications that support database applications and virtualized infrastructure." ~
  • "Lenovo's ThinkServer... is a very good offering—especially for the affordable starting price" ~ Editors' Choice



Designed and built specifically for business — from startups to large global enterprises — ThinkCentre® desktops offer cost-cutting manageability tools. Robust security measures. Time-saving productivity features. Energy-conserving technologies. We suit any budget and space requirement. No wonder so many businesses invest in ThinkCentre desktop PCs!


Workstation Reviews
  • "The Lenovo ThinkCentre... defines the enterprise-class desktop, with an easy-to-service yet sturdy chassis. Its Intel Core i5 processor will satisfy yourworkers..." ~ Editors' Choice
  • "This is where Lenovo steps in with their M series of desktops. The M(series) is designed to meet all the stringent requirements commercial organizations have while still providing that Lenovo touch through OEM software, warranties and support." Desktop Review


The cat-man-du Network Security Appliance (NSA) - Enterprise Firewall

The cat-man-du Network Security Appliances (NSA) is cat-man-du's 3rd generation of firewall and perimiter security system, offered in three different tiers - an appliance that provides comprehensive network protection and keeps the "bad stuff" like spam, malware and viruses out.


The cat-man-du Network Security Appliances (NSA) is a Linux-based firewall solution. Every bit of software on the appliance is free and open source, allowing complete analysis and preventing vendor lock-in.


The cat-man-du Network Security Appliances (NSA) is highly-configurable, made-to-order, and capable of blocking both known and unknown threats. It can also reduce the damage that can be caused by threats introduced from within your network. It can identify problems early and deliver warnings wherever they are needed to minimize downtime and expenses. Best of all, we offer three different tiers to fit your needs(instillation and configuration not included in price), it does all of these things for thousands less than comparable solutions from other vendors.


Key Features
• Advanced email anti-spam and anti-phishing (when hosted on-site)
• Outbreak detection and mitigation for unknown threats
• Web filtering with rule-based and pattern-based definitions
• System and network monitoring with customizable alerts
• Web caching combines with web filtering to improve Internet browsing performance
• Targets and reduces: blended threats, spam, phishing, virii, spyware, undesired content
• The following optional subscriptions are available:

* Services performed in response to issues are extra and are billed at our regular rates. You will be given the opportunity to approve or decline such services before they are performed.